Thursday, August 8, 2013

O is for Only Choice + Or, A Moral Inventory

inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge i started to revisit my published works... today is O. O like one, orange, omega, oligarchy, or, orbit, oven...


only choice


Or, A Moral Inventory

A mistake of familiarity:
concrete for miles, yet
to leave it or part it
I tried to make like the cobblestones:

a cube with flat-palm walls
and tucked-in thumbs
in front of the razor-wire
out there, you don’t know that yet,

and beyond: garrafones, cap wrappers,
sapphire and prismatic pigeon’s wings
or, a moral inventory

at last: that kind of
dusky flight
the light bringer, the dawn star,

the energy in the match head
a false lift off, on the pier
of the beach they call: Los Muertos.



Only Choice is a hyper poem, it was first published in the magazine Rumble, which sadly isn't online anymore. But a copy of the poem is still playing here: only choice

Or, A Moral Inventory  is based on lines from the poetry collection “A Foal Poem” by Rose Hunter. It was first published in Found Poetry Review, with 2 audio versions


A to Z
this A-Z walk through the archives started here: A to Z Blogging Challenge upcoming, the collected entries are online as life as a journey from A to Z

...and an extra link: AtoZchallenge tagboard

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