Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stories & Blogs: 20 Ways, 27 Rules, Shooting the Universe, Jakarta blog + Tokyo blog

Story South Million Writers Award
The Story South Million Writers Award is closing nominations today - you can still nominate stories, and if you look for some stories to read in new places, the editor's story nomination list is a great place to explore new magazines, authors and stories

Lots of great and interesting stories, here are 2 that surprised me:
20 Ways the Desert Could Kill You by Sarah Pinsker at Daily Science Fiction
27 Rules for Coping by Michael Haynes at Spicey Fiction Sushi


Sky, Nature & City Blogs 
Sky friday is up again, i browsed it a bit, and there are some wonderful blogs. I especially liked the one with the moon/tree as image, turns out it’s a nature blog with the playful title Shooting my Universe

And another blog I came across through sky friday: a photo blog about Jakarta: maipikucha. So many different views of this city, and great to browse this now after putting the 7 continents megacity book blog post together, and learning that Jakarta indeed is the second largest megacity of the world..

...the largest city is Tokyo, and so i looked for a blog from there, too, and arrived at a photo blog from a german photo student, who lived in Tokyo for a year, and also was in Paris, Rome, Palestins in the previous  months, and revisited Tokyo:  tokyofotosushi


The largest megacities of the world right now are: Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul, Shanghai, Karachi, Mexico City and Delhi. i probably will look for blogs from the other megacities, too. it's so interesting to see the sights beyond the "standard" megacity images of skylines and crowded main streets.

More about the world's megacities, here:
7 continents reading challenge: Megacity books, maps, walks, lists...

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