Sunday, September 8, 2013

take time to smell the flowers (or: delicious / summer zen)

(inspired by the summer zen series and by the "Delicious" theme of photo friday)

today brought the change of sky: from summer sun to september rain. the morning was still sunny, though - which made every hour in the garden double precious. so many flowers are in bloom right now. like the "storm roses" that i planted last year, the ones that got deranged by a thunderstorm in front of the flower shop, so they couldn't sell them any more. they are so beautiful:

or the cosmos, with their delicate, transparent petals:

"take time to smell the flowers", 
the changing sunday sky seemed to say

while taking photos, i also saw bees and a butterfly.
for them, the flowers are: food.
and at the same time, distributing and gathering pollen,
the insects add to our food.

so this probably is the final post of the summer zen series.
below, the previous links.

tomorrow to come: monday, work, rain.
but i will be sure to take the time
and smell the flowers


more summer zen:

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