Monday, September 9, 2013

time, and time again

a month ago, i posted a photo collage of august here, and this time note:
august is here, and with it, the thought: to keep a timelog for a week. to create a kind of diagram, of the things and themes and activities that square a week.
another thought: the to-do-list, instead of thinking of it as a list with things to cross out - to see it as a list of things and themes that turn into a part of this day. and try to embrace everything, including the obstacles, the tasks i'd rather not pick.
& a quote: that difficult things turn easy by doing them. just as easy things turn difficult by not doing them. 
the thoughts now turned into a different kind of week-list: one with open space, and with areas for different aspects. so instead of crossing out things from a list, the days are now about filling the different spaces of a day. the additional task for this week is: to not get overwhelmed after the time away.

and as a wink from time, one of the first pages i came across online this morning is a note on time, from the Tiny Buddha blog:
I often hear people say “I just don’t have the time…” to exercise, take a day off from work, or explore something they’re genuinely interested in. The truth is, without making a commitment to acknowledge and acquire what you need, you will never have the time. (link)

time. it's also the theme that runs through my photo blog, with its focus on different shapes and colors and moods of a month. over there, the page is a balance of August and September right now, of wider views and close-ups: from august to september

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