Monday, September 30, 2013

the last September Sunday, or: 5k in fall colors

yesterday: the last Sunday of September. and: the wordpress 5k jogg/walk challenge. the sky first teased with rain, but then luckily turned dry and sunny for the early afternoon.

i knew i wanted to post and share the scenery, so i made several photo stops along the way: this is in Southern Germany, and the combination of fields and forests is rather typical for this region. today also was the city marathon in Berlin… to think that the winner completed the 42k there in 2 hours! not that i run for record times, for me it’s more about being outside, about seeing and jogging and breathing in fresh air.

above is a collage - and here is the dynamic version in the wordpress blog, it changes each time the page is refreshed: 5k on Sunday in different shapes.

now monday. an overcast sky. and work waiting.


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