Saturday, December 7, 2013

back home

back home. from island to winter. no storm lingering when we were landing, though, despite the weather warnings. just some snowflakes. and the december air. so cold and frosty.

on the way to the bakery, christmas trees and santas. the flower shop, in december mode, with fir twigs and plants that can stand winter. i try the air, breathe out and wait for my breath to crystallize, but it doesn't: it's not that cold yet, even though it feels like it.

in the bakery, warm air, and all those different breadrolls. it takes me a moment to remember what we usually have for breakfast, here. funny what 2 weeks away can do, how the mind shifts, how a part of it still is in island mode.

on my shoes, still some grains of sand from the bay there. in my mind, images playing: the breakfast here brings back the breakfast there, the walk here to the bakery reminds me of the bay walk there.

i miss the open door, the way the outside always was just a step away, the ocean just a few more. the waves, moving through the night, together with the southern wind. this home by the sea for 2 weeks.

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