Wednesday, December 4, 2013

island sunrise, strange clouds, and 2 more days

sunrise came with strange skies these morning: there was a long cloud hovering over the island, or rather: a medley of clouds. while directly at the bay, it was sunshine, lighting up the island vulcanoes and their clouds in pastel tones


and here the view of  the other side - this is a vulcanoe, right beyond it you see strings of blue sky, then the low darker cloud, and the higher rose-colored cloud. never seen this kind of sky here before.

after the morning walk, i revisited and time/lines from a previous stay, but they also speak to this time, now and here, and with just some slight adjustments, they are fitting for today:

2 More Days

Two more days on the island. Back home, it's winter now: freezing temperatures, snowrain falling. Still a part of me starts to long for home, while another part would like to stay here another week, read some historic books about the place, about the life during the vulcanoe eruptions in the 17th century, about the people who arrived here, and went away again.

I look forward to having a proper web connection in the snow. But somehow it fits, that this far-off island is slower in connection.

It's so good to be here, in this place of water and stone, fire and wind. it's not the all-mild and sunny holiday, but one of constantly changing skies. Every day has a different mood, a different temperature, a different direction of wind, a different tune of sunrise. So energetic, vivid. And the landscape, the colors and the light keeps changing every day. Even the strong southern wind on the first days fitted in, and the way it changed the beach, moved away piles of sand, brought rocks to the surface.

And it’s good we have come for more than just a week. It makes a difference: the space of time, after all the rush of the last weeks, the long hours of work. It’s almost shocking to have this free time now, to walk along the bay, without the next thing to do waiting already.

I also thought that I would write more, blog more, mail more – but I guess I really needed this break of just being in a place.

A thought I had in the last days: that I might change my rhythm when I am returning. With my own projects and the freelance work, especially with the ongoing online projects .. it's a beautiful but neverending string of things to do. And from projects, there isn't a point of “done for now”, or “done for today”. There's always something else that waits. Which creates this constant pull. Which is absent now, here on the island. And this time of absence now gave me the thought that I could install my own “done for today” point, not by projects, but by time: and say that after working so and so many hours, I'm done for the day. So I sketched a kind of rough schedule today, and will try this when I am back.

Also, I want to create some open time/space, to go and visit places I haven't seen before. There's this line I have written in one of my travel diaries, that I now came across again: “Every day, try something new.”

Which is easy, here on the island. But then, it's an advice for life, especially for the everyday, a way to explore and journey every day.


And some lines, from Tiny Buddha:

You will never be finished

Let go of having to know all the steps you need to take to make your dreams come true. You know your direction, that's more than enough.

Trust that your life always turns out exactly as it needs to—even if you look around right now and say “you're kidding, right?”

Because you are exactly who you need to be today in order to become the person you will be tomorrow.

Wherever you are in this moment, may you know and feel the truth of this…

Today you are perfect. Today you are worthy. Today you are deserving. Today you are loved. Just as you were yesterday, just as you will be tomorrow.

So live from your heart. Be honest. Be open. Be inspired. Be amazed. Keep doing what you love. Keep learning. Keep smiling.

Keep living one day at a time, so that when you reach the twilight of your life, just like my grandmother, you will wish to do it all over again.

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Fine post...lovely and peaceful for soul..