Sunday, December 8, 2013

Plant Kingdom, or: once there was only forest

inspired by photo friday's new theme "Plant Kingdom", 3 images.

the first is from October. the huge tree is standing at the edge of the forest, and i often pass it while jogging. it looks out to the fields beyond it - the view is inlcuded as a second layer. sometimes, when passing it, this thought appears: that once upon a time, whole Germany was covered with trees, from North to South: only forest. then, with each settlement, more trees were cut. good that many still remain.

the other 2 images are just snapshots of nature moments, of shapes and colors:

while looking for plant images, i also revisited the photo page i put together for the YB poetry "Plants" issue, it's online here: PLANTS


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Alexa T said...

Fine autumn tree... lovely moments of nature...