Saturday, January 4, 2014

river riddle, water ways

the river in plain sight, 
yet any access hidden 
beyond railroad lines and fences

i try, try again, try a third time – 
and then finally, there it is:
a way to water


a new way
it's day 4 of mindful january, and knowing that i want to / have to find a good mindful moment each day makes a difference: it gives everyday activities a fresh touch, and makes me do side-trip from the normal route. like today, when i tried to get to the nearby river at a place i spotted from driving by on the other side. figuring out how to get to places, it’s a thing that is common to do when on holidays. maybe that's why i suddenly felt like being on a little trip, or in a tiny adventure, almost ready to even cross forbidden paths. but then i found it: the way that always was there, if only you knew where to look for it.


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