Sunday, January 5, 2014

winter zen: yoga & being a tree

some newness for the new year: as my usual yoga class is in winter pause, i am now trying an online yoga class – and it really is so nice to explore different yoga videos with their different moods and personalities. this week i tried one that is called “Wake your Sensual Side”, and it is beautiful and dynamic, and the setting is: right at a lake shore. and there was another class, set in Yoshua Tree Park, and it included a tree pose, which lead to this moment:
new yoga class. i follow the directions, trying to let go of thought, drawing widening circles with my body. then i stand tall, in the shape of a tree, rooting myself through my feet. and for a moment, with a tingling sensation running through my twigs, i am that tree.
together with the mindful writing, it feels like a good combination for january, one that keeps giving impulses to enjoy and notice the details of the everyday, even - or rather especially - on overcast grey days.

the link to the yoga page is: My Yoga Online, and here's the direct link to "Wake your sensual side" and to the tree lesson "Earth Prayer Yoga"

and here are more links from the summer / winter zen

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