Friday, May 2, 2014

air / port (island sky)

this week i have 3 island skies for sky friday: the first is from the flight to Mallorca, sun and clouds seen from the plane, that was some minutes before landing in Mallorca airport:

and the next 2 images are from yesterday: walking through the huge port of Mallorca. so many ships there, and this atmosphere of travelling, of crossing oceans:

there probably always has been a port there, when turning to the other side, you can see modern appartment towers, and next to them, 2 old stone towers:  

and a nice lingual parallel: in German, the words for "air/port" have almost the same construction:  "Flug/hafen": "flight/port"




Arija said...

I particularly like the second photo with the colourful cover of the sailboat and passing ship.

Shwets said...

I liked the third image...both old and new structures standing together!