Wednesday, May 7, 2014

...gone birding (S'Albufera Natural Park, Mallorca)

The great thing about Mallorca island is that it is consists of many different regions - the Tramuntana mountain range, bays and beaches, scenic roads, old cities, hiking trails, museums, rose gardens... and nature parks. Like the S'Albufera Natural Park. Which is all about birds. So today... i went birding.

Here's a landscape photo that gives an idea of the setting...

and here's an overview of the birds that can be seen in the park. some are there all year round, some just temporarily: 

it was beautiful to walk along the park trails, and to spot ducks, herons, doves, and other birds..
i guess, altogether i saw about 20 different species, but didn't really manage to take good pictures.

learning for the day: landscape images are easier than bird images.
and: the more you look, the more you see.

here's another species i saw a couple of times:  real birders,
with impressive cameras, and with thick guidebooks in their bags.

instead of adding my trial-and-error-collection of bird photos,
here some links to blogs of birders who visited the park, and a video:

Ron McComb Trip Report S'Albufera (scroll down for photos.. birds i saw, too:
Black-winged stilt, Kentish Plover, Purple Gallinule, Audouins Gull, Egret)


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