Thursday, May 8, 2014

into the island past: Alcudia

today i took  a trip into the past: after spending the previous days with contemporary art and visiting the bird sanctuary and walking along the ocean... i went to Alcudia today. it's a place i already visited at the start of this trip. so now, at the second-to-last day, i went there again to complete open circles... like, the round tour around the old town:

opposite the town towers is a museum, it features the pieces that were found in the Roman ruins of Alcudia: 

and here is a photo of the ruins: i visited them last week.
out there, there is nothing left but stones

and here's the view in the opposite direction: the church belongs to the "modern" town now.

back to the museum... they also have a large photo of the time of finding the ruins.
it made me think of the Coursera course on Archeology..

below the photo is a remaining piece of floor mosaic.

this touched me: fragments of lines written back then, carved into stone:

and in yet another contrast... walking along the old wall, and seeing this crossword-graffiti:
"No Es Paris Pero Me Vale" -
"It Isn't Paris But Me Okay"

1 more day.

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