Tuesday, September 9, 2014

machine meditations, revisited

Revisiting this video and blog entry made me remember that i wanted to experiment a bit more with video....

"from the series of "machine meditations" - after the washing machine, and the coffee machine, and the old clock, another of the machines who "live" here: my sewing machine.

and a note on the machine videos, from poet Rose Hunter:
"I like the machine videos. It makes me think, how astonishing it is we have all these machines in our lives, and (most of us/someone like me, not technically-minded) – no idea at all how they work. I find that's what occurs to me when I contemplate/meditate on, your little videos. :) I like it!"
it's same with me - this thought: how does this work? all those inventions that surround us, small ones and big ones. each coming from a line of development, adjustment, innovation. and even the manuals they have sometimes need an own manual."

reading: The Old Houses of Belgrano: Place and Memory in Buenos Aires, Argentina Part 1

listening to: Kiesza / Hideaway (to be able to dance like that..) (& watching it also made me think of this note in an essay on the web, that MTV could have been YouTube, if they had realized the potential.)

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