Sunday, September 7, 2014

nightfall & longreads

Nightfall... the new photofriday theme "nightfall" made me revisit some files from short trips. the first is from Erlangen, at the end of June, with the sky bright until late evening, and dusk arriving after 9:

the second is from last year in September, driving back from France, starting in the morning and driving all day, into the night, to arrive home after midnight. 

Longreads: this week, i followed various literary hashtags and arrived at funny ones, like mini stories from bookstores: #bookstorebingo, which reminded me of the days when i worked in a bookstore myself during university time, and the customers that arrived with puzzling questions: "Do you have that book, it was up in TV yesterday, can't remember the title but it had a blue cover.."

I also followed a hashtag that is for longer articles and stories: #longreads - and arrived at new magazines, and interesting reads, mostly non-fiction, here are some links:
more nightfalls from around the world: photofriday
more reads: reading the world

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