Friday, September 12, 2014

sky friday: sun beams and a field riddle, solved

For sky friday: moments from a sunny September walk along some new ways. The route first led through forest. some parts were still green, but some trees were yellow. Such a play of light and color and sun beams. And i am glad i tried to catch that moment. didn't think it would work, but there it is, the touch of September sun:

From forest, the walk moved on through fields , and along a patch of apple trees with a view. The grass is so green, from all the rain we had, it also could be a spring image:

The walk also brought the answer to a field riddle i had come across: in several places, there are fields that look like sun flower fields at first glance, but with lots of other flowers and plants growing there, too. Almost as if the seeds had been mixed the wrong way, and then the farmer had let it kept growing anway:

Now I learned that the mix was exactly right: the patches are a nature project, to bring back more diversity for the field birds that live here, and provide places to nest, and feeding spots (here's more, in German).

Still glad for the walk, which also brough a video moment (will dowload it and put it online this weekend). It also made me think that like the diverse field, the walk held all kinds of diverse horizons, from forest to fields to nature projects.


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listening to: FKA Twigs / Young Turks at Dazed
reading: Litro interview with Catalan author Marc Pastor 

have a beautiful sky week ~