Wednesday, April 15, 2015

summer in April, or: in the mauric magnolia garden

It was summer in April today: sunny skies, warm air carried by southern wind, and the magnolias in the botanical garden near here in full bloom. Walking there felt like being in another world, a mix of Japanese cherry blossom festival and fairy tale.

The botanical garden started as mauric garden, and hosts the largest magnolia tree collection in Northern Europe, with dozens of different magnolia trees, and thousands of petals:


Also, there are pelicans, herons, and amazing buildings with storchs nesting on top:

And two additional photo. The first is from inside one of the green houses. Again the feeling: step through a door, and arrive in another world:

And here's a wider view of the botanical garden and the area:

The botanical garden belongs to Stuttgart city. At the horizon, you can see a mix of old houses, and the curve of the modern Mercedes stadium on the left side. And on the right side, there's currently a ferris wheel, for the "Fr√ľhlingsfest" (spring festival) that is starting this weekend.

for photo friday, "buildings"

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