Friday, July 29, 2016

sky moment + August invite

"Writing takes me out of my own small concerns and brings me into the world. It lets me see myself from a distant place, in the context of this vast, beautiful, universe... I’m starting up my small stone practice again. I’m running Awake August so that you can join me, and I can have some support. I’m looking forward to mindful writing again."

That's what Kaspa from Writing Our Way Back Home wrote, and it resonated instantly with me. To write small stones again. To notice little things. To be more there, in the here and now. Like last week, when I noticed the shadows on the floor while waiting, and they lead to a photo and a poem: 10 a.m. shadow memory.

Now, where to start? I tried some photos, as taking them makes me look more closely, and notice the orange of the daylily, and the bit of blue sky in the clouds. What else? I stood looking, and just then, a white butterfly appeared and fluttered through the garden, on a zig-zag path. And so the words of the first stone formed:

July 29 / beyond: 

slivers of blue sky beyond 
the zig-zag of a white butterfly 
this maybe-ness of Friday

After uploading the photo, i played with the words, and arrived at the vispo above. And followed the advice of the invite: "Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion." - Franz Kafka. So i included the vispo, too.

Now I am curious for the stone that will form tomorrow, and for the contributions of the others.
Here are the links to join:

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