Thursday, December 15, 2016

Best decision of 2016

To work less - and to take more time for balance and for newness.

That is one of the best changes I made this year. In February, I decided to simply go and try some things I had heard about from friends, or came across when looking through the courses / sessions that are offered near here: qigong, accupuncture, osteopathy, sensomotorics...

My plan was to try different approaches, see how they feel, and hope that maybe the one or other will be right for me. Or at least make for an interesting experience and encounter.

Looking back, I think this changed the vibe of the whole year for me. I found a lovely qigong group - in walking distance from where I live. We meet once a week, at 10.30. So this also brings a different rhythm to the day. And new moves and images to go with it. Like the one above, from the posture/move: "two hands support the heavens". And this is just one of the many details from one of the courses I tried and stayed with.

To give an idea of qigong, here's one of the practices our group learned this year: The 8 Brocades:


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