Wednesday, July 12, 2017

summer of art: 100 days, documenta, and some other roads

It's a beautiful, special summer for me. Without planning to, it turned into a summer of art, of places, of newness. With short trips, and with paintings, exhbitions and own studio time. Since April I am joining the 100 days art project, and since then, I am mostly posting on my instagram page.

Now the 100 days are almost complete. I probably will continue the daily practice, and with it, the vibe of this summer of art.

Here are some of my fav moments from the last weeks:


Visiting the documenta 14 in Kassel
+ the Parthenon of forbidden book. 
So many. A reminder of the power of words. 

For some more impressions from there, try my photo slideshows:


Comic Con Germany  
The day you stand in line with Wonder Woman and Rocket Racoon....
... isn't a dream, it's Comic Con :)


Black Forest 
After the comic con weekend: time for some mountains:)


The 100 Days Project
“Click” is the name of today’ mandala. It’s #93/100 – a collage, I had fun cutting paper and trying different colors until it “clicked” into place. It’s also a good counterpart to the current work project, which is about statistics and tests (and exciting in a nerdy way).
#the100dayproject + my 100 days podcast talk


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