Thursday, February 2, 2012

current counterpart read: fat girl & a god somewhere

it finally arrived! Jessie Carty's "Fat Girl" waited in the mailbox today. published by the kind folks at Sibling Rivalry Press who didn't give up after the first international delivery failed. so there it is. a slim book, with a heavy topic: "In Fat Girl, Jessie Carty asks us to strip and stand naked in front of a mirror. These poems are our own reflection. Bittersweet in nature, they are self-perception. They size us up and tell the truth: that man or woman, we all struggle to feel at home in our own skins."

i opened it, read a first poem of it - Waif - and then a second: Goddess. then i put it on the table, to pick it up later, with more time. and then held in: the other book that already waited on the table is a graphic novel. it's the german edition, but they kept the english title for it: a god somwhere by John Arcudi and Peter Snejbjerg. the novel "tells the story of Eric, the first human to develop superhuman abilities, through the eyes of his friends and family." it's both a reflection on our time, and a tragic story of struggle and human dilemma: at its core, it's the story of a man losing his humanity after receiving super powers.

and of course: i just had to take that picture - such a perfectly counterparting match of form and shape, of takes (or rather: steps) on this life. it will be interesting to read both works parallell. and the delay: seen like that, it brought the collection of poems to my doorstep just in right time.

PS: here's the Fat Girl book page with 2 poetry videos and links to more

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