Sunday, August 11, 2013

time/less, or: short trip into the past

while taking the train on friday, i thought of all the people who took the trains along those railway lines, and how some of places along those rails almost look timeless, with the old buildings still standing:

another thing that reaches through decades: the phlox flowers that are now in bloom in the gardens. they are "old" flowers, often part of farmer gardens. we have one here, too. a flower like a tree, leaving a trail of petals in the Julys and Augusts of each year:

and farmers: the hay is brought in now. walking along fields, you see farmers cutting it, and turning it into hay bales. another sight that is part of this region since ages:

and here's a close-up, from a field that still waits to be cut:

putting the photos together and turning them monochrome also made me think that old photos and old films give the impression that the past had less colour: we associate non-colour photos with old photos. but of course, the past was colorful, only the technology to capture it visually wasn't.


PS: two of the photos are now online in color in my photo blog: once upon each day.
such a difference between color and b/w.

more trips into the region and its past: home journeys to wider views

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